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Business Waste Solutions Simplified


We simplify supplier switching for a smooth transition.

We acknowledge that changing commercial waste providers can seem complex and bewildering, but it needn't be. We guarantee a smooth and effortless process.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I swap my waste management provider?

Yes, you can switch waste management providers. Many businesses are in costly rolling contracts they can change. By switching, businesses can save up to 50% on their annual bill.


Waste management, what do you pay for?

Direct Waste offers tailored collection rates based on your unique needs—bin size, type, frequency, and quantity. Alongside, we provide a fixed yearly service charge for predictable budgeting. Get reliable, transparent service at competitive rates with us.


 How do I switch waste management provider?

Switching water suppliers begins with identifying the best option. Once you've selected a preferred retailer, the next step is to formalize an agreement. After providing the required information to the new supplier, they will inform your current supplier about the transition..


Why make the switch with Direct Waste?

At Direct Waste, we recognise the significance of helping your business save money. By utilising Direct Waste to compare and switch your current supplier, you can potentially reduce your waste expenses by up to 50%.
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